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Confessions of a Hustla’s Housekeeper

Confessions of a Hustla’s Housekeeper

Book 1

By: Jahquel J.

Released: September 13, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 13 min

After losing his wife to the streets, Roddy decides to move him and his family to Atlanta, Georgia. Swearing off love, he eventually falls for the beautiful socialite of Atlanta, Jia Love.
With a combined three million followers across all her social media accounts, she’s that girl. Falling in love with her, he just wants to make her his wife, and a mother figure to his son and daughter.
Except, Jia isn’t ready for all of that. After having their daughter, she’s ready to get back to her life and show everyone how fast she snapped back after having her daughter, Kingsley. When she brings up the idea of hiring someone to help around the house, Roddy is against it. However, Jia is used to getting her way when she truly wants something.
Recovering alcoholic, Yves is just trying to keep afloat. After losing her daughter in a car accident, and having her husband serve her divorce papers at their daughter’s funeral, she feels like her life isn’t worth living. Washing hair in her cousin’s salon is how she keeps money in her pockets and transportation to her AA meetings. When her cousin volunteers her for a live-in housekeeper position for one of her clients, Yves has nothing left to lose, so she accepts.
Overnight she goes from living in her childhood bedroom in Brooklyn to having a master suite in a six-thousand square foot mansion in Buckhead, with a Mercedes truck as her mode of transportation. It doesn’t help that her employer’s fiancé is a fine Black man with fatter pockets than a stuffed scarecrow.



Jahquel J.