Contracts | Podium Audio

By: Matt Rogers

Performed by: Kevin Kenerly

Released: January 19, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 1 min

Two trained killers at a staggering altitude….
Raya Parker, the 14-year-old daughter of a senior US black-ops official, has vanished along the trail to Everest. Also unaccounted for are one of the loyal bodyguards assigned to protect her and an unassuming Nepali porter.
After a prolonged wait for their first contracted assignment, Jason King and Will Slater touch down in Nepal. They’re not exactly thrilled by the task – they assume it’s a routine opportunistic kidnapping. But Raya’s father, Aidan, has done brilliant work for his country, and if his family is at risk, he deserves the best.
Then their grip on the situation spirals violently out of control. Soon enough they’re deep in the throes of terror, battling savage hostiles and the brutality of the terrain itself, and they can’t figure out who the hell is behind any of it. As they ascend higher and higher on the long trail to Gokyo Ri, their energy saps, their bodies crumble, and panic intensifies….
What use is elite combat training when you can hardly breathe?



Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has a penchant for adrenaline — whether it be skydiving or MMA — which aids his ability to produce white-knuckle thrill rides. His high-octane novels are packed with action, centralising on two larger-than-life heroes — Jason King and Will Slater.



Kevin Kenerly