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Kids of The District

Cosa Nostra

Book 2

By: Nicci Harris

Released: November 15, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 45 min

"I love you, Max Butcher."
Those words are dangerous. Just about as dangerous as the world I was born into. As dangerous as the ruthless bastards that I call family.
They hurt her.
My. Little. Ballerina…My piece of purity.
They hurt her. . .
I wanted to keep the world beautiful for her.
I failed.
So I should let her go. For her own safety and my sanity.
But she crawled into my bed. Settled in my head.
Cassidy Slater.
Her sweet-talking mouth says those dangerous words. Words I didn’t know that I craved. She waits for me at night. Accepts the darkness around me.
Now that’s not something a man just lets go of.
I’m a selfish bastard too.
And she’s mine.
I’ll protect her; it’s an eye for an eye and I’m willing to blind the whole damn lot of them.
For her, I’ll start a damn war.
Cosa Nostra is the second installment to Our Thing – Max & Cassidy’s story. This book features a powerful and moody hero and an endearing and determined heroine. Both main characters are possessive and fight for each other. It is a love story first. Word steam second. Violence, gore, and drama third. Enjoy.



Nicci Harris

Aussie! Mother! Make-believer! Romance lover! Nicci writes real love stories for dark souls.