Cosa Nostra | Podium Audio

Kids of The District

Cosa Nostra

Book 2

By: Nicci Harris

Performed by: Rupert Channing

Released: November 15, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 45 min

"I love you, Max Butcher."
Those words are dangerous. Just about as dangerous as the world I was born into. As dangerous as the ruthless bastards that I call family.
They hurt her.
My. Little. Ballerina…My piece of purity.
They hurt her. . .
I wanted to keep the world beautiful for her.
I failed.
So I should let her go. For her own safety and my sanity.
But she crawled into my bed. Settled in my head.
Cassidy Slater.
Her sweet-talking mouth says those dangerous words. Words I didn’t know that I craved. She waits for me at night. Accepts the darkness around me.
Now that’s not something a man just lets go of.
I’m a selfish bastard too.
And she’s mine.
I’ll protect her; it’s an eye for an eye and I’m willing to blind the whole damn lot of them.
For her, I’ll start a damn war.
Cosa Nostra is the second installment to Our Thing – Max & Cassidy’s story. This book features a powerful and moody hero and an endearing and determined heroine. Both main characters are possessive and fight for each other. It is a love story first. Word steam second. Violence, gore, and drama third. Enjoy.



Nicci Harris

Aussie! Mother! Make-believer! Romance lover! Nicci writes real love stories for dark souls.



Rupert Channing

Rupert Channing is a real romantic and always in and out of love - though usually in not as dramatic a fashion as the many characters he has brought to life. A regular voice with Audible, Tantor Media, Lyric Audiobooks, Blue Nose Audio and One Night Stand Studios, Rupert has narrated over 25 romance titles. With a natural Australian and flawless British accent Rupert is also proficient in American and many European accents. Rupert lives in New York City with his Fiddle Leaf Fig and with his lover only 4 blocks away. Find him on instagram