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Court of Assassins

Book 1

By: Philip C. Quaintrell

Performed by: Steven Brand

Released: January 25, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 44 min

Legend. Myth.  Nightfall has long been rumored to be nothing more than whispers on the breeze. 

If only it were so. 
In those halls of darkness, where children are taken from the world and given to shadow and dust, Asher is destined for that same fate. He will become the myth. He will become the legend. He will become the whisper of Death itself.
That which he was is dead, forgotten. Now he is a blade in the dark, a weapon to be wielded by his masters. A killer.
Yet, despite all his training and years of spilling blood, there is a crack in Asher’s conditioning. Something within him is broken, unbound even. A sliver of humanity has survived and dreams of freedom. Now, standing on a knife’s edge, his mind threatens to unravel, taking him from the only path he has ever known and away from the clutches of Nightfall. 
It has never been done. Exile is not a choice. It is a death sentence.
But there is another life that calls to him, a life roaming the wilds and protecting the innocent from the monsters which would prey upon them. Hunting monsters, however, is no easy task, especially when Asher himself is hunted by those who would drag him back to Nightfall. Back to the darkness.



Philip C. Quaintrell

Philip started his career as an emergency nurse and began writing the books he’d want to read as a hobby between shifts. He published his first novel in 2016, and soon began his epic fantasy series, The Echoes Saga which went straight into the Amazon bestsellers list in 4 countries. Now one of the best-selling indie authors worldwide, Philip lives in Manchester, England with his wife and two young children and is hoping this is just the beginning.



Steven Brand