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Courts and Cabals

Courts and Cabals 2

Book 2

By: G.S. D'Moore

Performed by: Jay Alder

Released: July 06, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 46 min

It’s great to be alive, but being a wanted man sucks.

This ain’t no spaghetti Western. Cam and company are running for their lives with a UN superteam hot on their heels…not to mention one very pissed-off fae. With Lilith injured, and the UN closing in, there is only one person that can save them: Lilith’s mom. Not only does Cam need to figure out how to impress a millennia-old succubus, but he’s also got to figure out what to get the women in his life for Christmas. His problems are only going to get worse from there.

Courts and Cabals 2 contains adult situations and supernatural creatures that generally treat humans like s#!t. It’s intended for a mature audience.



G.S. D'Moore

G.S. doesn’t like to talk about himself a lot, he prefers to let his writing talk for him.



Jay Alder