Craving Love | Podium Audio

The Secret Love Series

Craving Love

Book 1

By: Kat T. Masen

Performed by: Kai Kennicott, Wen Ross

Released: September 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 0 min

I’m done playing by my father’s rules.
Lex Edwards may rule the business world, but he no longer controls me. We did, however, come to one agreement—I’m allowed to take a gap year before college to travel through Europe. But, one year to the day, I must return home.
On my travels, I met April. She’s like me—escaping life back home until we’re both forced to go back. April offers me a place to stay, and since I’m broke and in dire need of a job, I’ll take anything over going back to my controlling father.
That’s when I’m offered an opportunity I can’t possibly refuse. April finds me a job at her stepfather’s company.
Hunter Cash is a difficult boss—demanding, arrogant, challenging, but also devastatingly handsome. And—he’s out to destroy my father.
I’ve broken all the rules already. So, what if I break another and sleep with the enemy? What’s the worst that can happen…
_Craving Love _is the first book in the Secret Love series. This book is best enjoyed after the Dark Love or Forbidden Love series. Some of the characters in this book are from previous works.



Kat T. Masen

Kat T. Masen is a USA Today Bestselling Author from Sydney, Australia. Her passion is writing angsty love triangles involving forbidden men like besties older brother. She is also the founder of the Books Ever After store, Books By The Bridge Author Events, and spends way too much time on Tik Tok creating videos for her #1 Amazon bestseller Chasing Love. Oh...and she's a total boy mom. 1 husband, 4 boys, and a needy pug.



Kai Kennicott

Kai Kennicott is an accomplished producer, musician, voice actress, and award-winning audiobook narrator. She strongly believes that each character has a unique voice, and each author deserves to have their characters represented with integrity and charm. She has independently produced over 300 audiobooks from 2014-Present, has a 4.86 narrator ranking on Goodreads, been a bestseller on Audible over 100 times, and has more than 300,000 sales worldwide. Her specialty is accents, with her best being Scottish, Irish, English, Southern and Russian.



Wen Ross

Wen Ross is a seasoned Audio Book Narrator, with 375 titles and counting under his belt. He has been working in the industry since 2014, where he began working alongside his wife and Duet Narration Partner, Kai Kennicott. His body of work includes Romance, Sci-Fi, Horror and Suspense. Wen is passionate about gardening, running, Jui-jitsu, music and comedy. He currently resides in St. Petersburg Fl. with his beautiful wife, two little kiddos, two dogs and five chickens.