Crazed Candy | Podium Audio

Killers and Kings

Crazed Candy

Book 1

By: Leigh Kelsey

Performed by: Alyssa Avery

Released: November 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 46 min

Here’s a tip: don’t mess with the demon girl who kills people for a living.
The four self-proclaimed kings of Orchid Vale apparently never got that memo, and now my self-care retreat is about to become a bloodbath.
This quaint village was supposed to be a break from my hectic life of death, gore, and high stakes "jobs"—that’s code for supernatural murder—but I don’t get a chance to enjoy even a fairground ride without the kings of Orchid Vale getting in my way.
Arkan, the ice-cold wraith, wants to break me. Joseph, the reaper gangster with a heart of gold, wants to save me. X, the incubus maniac, wants us to be a killer duo. Taj, the prince of hell and the worst of them all, wants me dead. Apparently, I killed his uncle. Oops.
The kings warn I’ll be lucky to leave Orchid Vale alive, even if their instincts say I’m their fated mate. But they’re the ones who need to watch out. One false move, and they’ll find themselves choking to death.
They don’t call me the Candyfloss Killer for nothing.
Crazed Candy is a paranormal romance with psycho men, a badass FMC, twisted romance, and lots and lots of bloodlust. Demon criminals, a dark syndicate, a godlike hunter, and depraved, evil pasts fill this book, but none of them are as deadly as Aveline Lachesi. This book is medium burn, with moderate heat and multiple love interests.



Leigh Kelsey

Leigh Kelsey writes about psychos with questionable morals and addictions to shiny, stabby objects, but she’s perfectly harmless, she swears. She can be found in Yorkshire, England listening to K-Pop, watching serial killer documentaries, and writing as much spicy paranormal romance as she possibly can in a day.



Alyssa Avery