Crown of Earth and Sky | Podium Audio

Secrets of the Faerie Crown

Crown of Earth and Sky

Book 1

By: Emberly Ash

Released: June 18, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 15 hr, 10 min

What do I want? A quick death. Barring that, I only dream of one thing—revenge.
Veyka Pendragon was crowned queen in a farce fit for any circus. Now, as her traitorous court plots around her, the new Queen of the Elemental Fae must take revenge on the humans who betrayed her while also guarding a dangerous secret.
The arrival of her betrothed, the storied Brutal Prince, is merely another cog in the wheels of time and space spinning around her.
Arran Earthborn is the strongest terrestrial fae in millennia. If Veyka wishes to keep the peace her ancestors fought and died for, she must join with him soon.
But the Brutal Prince has not earned his name by playing nice. The torture he exacts will enrage and enflame her—and endanger a secret that would rip their world to shreds.
The days are slipping by. Very soon I will have to choose between the crown that destroyed my life but protects my kingdom… Or settling the scores that haunt my every step.
Crown of Earth and Sky is a twisted mythology retelling of the Arthur legend. It is a high-steam fantasy romance with dark elements.



Emberly Ash

Emberly Ash stole her first romance novel off her mom's bookshelf at the age of ten and never looked back. The author of 12 romance books under her first pen name, Emberly craved something darker and steamier--enter the world of fantasy romance. Her books are dark, twisty, and not for the faint of heart. In the real world, she manages a fire-breathing four-year-old and a grumpy mage of a husband. But you'll most often find her in her hot-pink writing cave, dreaming up your next book boyfriend. Spoiler alert: he's fae.