Crush | Podium Audio

By: Ketley Allison

Performed by: Christian Black, Raven Hawkins

Released: November 15, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 47 min

I don’t have a crush on Thorne Briar, Winthorpe Academy’s cruel, elite prince. I want to crush him.
Thorne declared war on me tonight when he took away the one thing I had left. But here’s where he got it wrong: I’m not about to crouch in the shadows ensuring he never sees me.
If I do, it would only be so he doesn’t see me coming. The boy who made my emotions spike and swirl, crushed them in his hands.
He thinks he’s weakened me with heartbreak. Arrogance will be his downfall. It only puts me in the perfect position to take away something that matters to him, too.



Ketley Allison



Christian Black

Christian Black has been narrating audiobooks since 2020, specializing in romance and all its subgenres, with a voice often described as vibrant, commanding, sensual and virile. Based out of Michigan, he has an extensive acting background that includes nearly 20 years on stage in community theatre and a few years doing occasional commercial voice over work. He uses his experience from both to deliver an engaging and natural storytelling experience. Outside of the booth he can be found tinkering with computers or taking on various DIY projects around the house.



Raven Hawkins

Raven Hawkins is a voice actor living in her hometown of Austin, Texas after spending the last 10 years in Los Angeles and then Portland, Oregon. She has been privileged to work with some great mentors and co-narrators in the audiobook world and has been praised for helping authors bring their characters to life while not getting in the way of the story. She has worked to hone her ability to voice a variety of ages, genders, and dialects in an engaging and authentic way, primarily in the Young Adult and Romance genres but has experience in other genres, including Non-Fiction, as well.