Cry Havoc | Podium Audio

Jack Frey

Cry Havoc

Book 1

By: Michael Morris

Performed by: Duke Fontaine, Simon Vance

Released: December 19, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 56 min

They say when the demons come, you either fight or you die.
The Black Dogs know this all too well. For 300 years, the warrior priests have sacrificed their lives to keep the island nation of Abios safe from the flesh-eating Nostros, while the rest of the world fell under the demons’ savagery. However, an armada now stands poised to invade mankind’s last bastion.
Child thief Jack Frey is saved from the gallows and joins the mysterious order. Trained with the bullet and the blade, Jack finds himself on the front line of a centuries-old war.
Across the Angel Sea, Lin is fighting for her life. As a slave of the Nostros, she knows death can strike at any time, either at the hands of her masters or her fellow humans.
Little do they know mankind’s fate lies in both their hands.



Michael Morris



Duke Fontaine



Simon Vance