Damaged | Podium Audio

By: Layla Frost

Performed by: Desiree Ketchum, Joe Arden

Released: December 28, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 40 min

I’m effed up. A hot mess. Haunted. Damaged.

But he doesn’t think so. He thinks my imperfectness is what makes me perfect. He loves my flaws. My quirks. My scars. He wants to protect me. See me happy. Make me alive. He wants to give me everything I need, no matter how twisted and wrong and depraved.

He needs me to need him, which makes me wonder…is he damaged, too?

This beautifully damaged romance deals with seriously heavy topics, such as depression, anxiety, violence, and self-harm.



Layla Frost

Growing up, Layla Frost used to hide under her blanket with a flashlight to read books she pilfered from her older sister. This snowballed into pulling all-nighters after the promise of 'just one more chapter'—a habit she still hasn't broken. Her love of reading—especially the romance genre—took root early and has grown immeasurably.



Joe Arden