Dance of Kings and Thieves | Podium Audio

The Broken Kingdoms

Dance of Kings and Thieves

Book 6

By: LJ Andrews

Released: March 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 39 min

Dreams will become nightmares…
To take her place as rightful queen, Malin Strom stands by the side of the Nightrender and his guild of thieves in the fight to take a throne she never wanted. Now, as warriors from distant kingdoms answer their call, a new battle begins.
But when dark fae side with the Black Palace, Malin and Kase are forced to take drastic measures. If they are to have a hope for victory, they must forge an unwilling alliance with a cruel sea fae, draw out a cursed beast they thought long dead, and even risk the lives of everyone they love by twisting the memories of fate itself.
For Kase and Malin, this fight could be their hard-fought salvation…or a vicious end to everything they love.
Welcome to the final stand in the Eastern Kingdom, where the stakes are higher, the battles are darker, and the romance is spicier. A wicked spin on Cinderalla comes to a head in the final battle of thieves and kings.



LJ Andrews

LJ Andrews is a USA Today Bestselling author of fantasy romance. She could live in dark worlds with brutal romantic heroes all day. When she isn't writing she's keeping her four kids alive, spending time with her hot husband, or enjoying the mountains of Utah.