Dark Sand | Podium Audio

A Port Stirling Mystery

Dark Sand

Book 4

By: Kay Jennings

Performed by: John McLain

Released: May 03, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 10 min

Police chief Matt Horning thought life in Port Stirling, Oregon was returning to normal after the earthquake. He was dead wrong.

Almost one year has passed since the earth shook up Matt Horning and his coastal village. Now, the world’s foremost scientists have flocked to the remote town to study the aftereffects on the sea and land.

Turns out, one of them isn’t a nice man. Famous geologist, British Lord Phineas Stuart, goes missing. As the investigation into Stuart’s disappearance gets underway, Matt and his colleagues quickly realize they’re not hurting for suspects who wish the geologist harm. Has Stuart just taken off somewhere, or is a jealous competitor responsible for the missing scientist?

Will this mystery drive a wedge in Matt and Fern’s new relationship? Are they over their heads trying to find a villain amongst their brilliant visitors, and are they in the crosshairs? How far will people go to protect what they love when the stakes are high?



Kay Jennings

I was born in the southwest corner of Oregon in a small town not unlike my fictional Port Stirling, and now live in Estacada, Oregon, with my charming husband, Steve, a technology entrepreneur. I've enjoyed a long career in corporate communications in such varied industries as tourism, healthcare, and sports. I am a master gardener, and a world traveler.



John McLain