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Darkspace Renegade

Darkspace Renegade: Volume 1

Book 2

By: G.J. Ogden

Performed by: Jay Snyder

Released: March 09, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 56 min

Contains books one and two of The Darkspace Renegade series, a military sci-fi thrill ride fueled by power armor, big guns, and the occasional sword.
Darkspace Renegade, book one
The interstellar bridges provide a lifeline for billions. To save humanity, the Darkspace Renegades must tear them all down.
Unjustly kicked out of the Consortium Security Force, Hallam Knight has been reduced to working as a gunner, defending the precious Randenite fuel tankers from notorious extremists, the Darkspace Renegades. Hell-bent on ending bridge travel for good, they threaten to tear down the interstellar travel network that supports billions of lives, across a dozen worlds. The Darkspace Renegades are outlaws and radicals. Or so Hallam thought.
When a violent encounter with infamous mercenary group, the Blackfire Squadron, almost costs him his life, Hallam Knight finds himself at the mercy of the Darkspace Renegades and their mysterious and enigmatic leader. Hallam Knight discovers that everything he thought he knew was a lie. Far from being the enemy, the Darkspace Renegades are humanity’s only hope – they just don’t know it yet.
Wolf Squadron, book two
The Darkspace Renegades are hunting for alien tech that can save the galaxy. The Blackfire Squadron will stop at nothing to destroy them and keep the Consortium’s secret.
With the interstellar bridges showing signs of collapse, the Darkspace Renegades must step up their plans to destroy the Centrum and end bridge travel for good. But first they need to locate a vital piece of alien tech, the whereabouts of which is stored in a top-secret data bunker. Unfortunately, the Blackfire Squadron is also stepping up its hunt for the renegades. They are hell-bent on destroying the Darkspace Renegades’ hideouts and flushing out Dr. Shelby Rand – even if it means using nukes.
A dangerous game of cat-and-mouse played out across the galaxy leads to a violent confrontation, and a desperate fight for survival has tragic consequences.



G.J. Ogden



Jay Snyder