Dead Men Walking | Podium Audio

Arisen: Raiders

Dead Men Walking

Book 3

By: Michael Stephen Fuchs

Performed by: R.C. Bray

Released: February 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 23 min

Two teams of pipe-hitting special-operations Marines. A tribe knit tight as steel cable. One Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman, struggling to find his place and keep the others alive. And everything at the end of the world exploding spectacularly at all times…
The world’s last nuclear supercarrier, its support ships, and its Marine Raider guardians have survived the first months of post-apocalypse. But now they must keep their 7,500 souls fed, their non-nuclear vessels fueled, and their honor clean. They must also decide if they should risk everything by coming to the aid of beleaguered American troops in contact, in the most remote combat outpost in the world. Their lonely battles and struggles will take them from the teeming slums off the west coast of India, to the world’s tallest building in Dubai, to an idyllic desert-island paradise they can briefly call home, and finally into the unforgiving heights and impossible decisions of the Hindu Kush.
Brotherhood, sacrifice, survival; dead men walking. But hope never dies. ARISEN.



Michael Stephen Fuchs

MICHAEL STEPHEN FUCHS is co-author of the first eight books of the #1 bestselling ARISEN series, and solo author of Books Nine through Fourteen (the climax and conclusion of the series), as well as the prequels ARISEN : Genesis, ARISEN : Nemesis, ARISEN : Odyssey, and ARISEN : Last Stand - which have repeatedly been Amazon #1 bestsellers in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, #1 in Dystopian Science Fiction, #1 in Military Science Fiction, #1 in War Fiction, and #1 in War & Military Action Fiction, as well as Amazon overall Top 100 bestsellers. The series as a whole has sold over a half-million copies. The audiobook editions, performed by R.C. Bray, have generated over three million dollars in revenue. Fuchs is also author of the D-BOYS series of high-tech special-operations military adventure novels, which include D-BOYS, COUNTER-ASSAULT, and CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE (coming in 2020); as well as the existential cyberthrillers THE MANUSCRIPT and PANDORA'S SISTERS, both published worldwide by Macmillan in hardback, paperback and all e-book formats (and in translation). He lives in London and blogs at You can also follow him on Facebook (, Twitter (@michaelstephenf), or by email (



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