Death and Glory | Podium Audio

Immortal’s Ascent

Death and Glory

Book 1

Performed by: Luke Daniels

Released: January 25, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 19 min

Gavin fights for freedom, Sadira for glory. Together, they will face death.
Together, they will seek ascension.
In the Domains, those born with magic have only one place where they can prove themselves worthy of it: the brutal pits of the arena, where they will either grow in power and build a following with every victory, or risk dishonor and death in defeat. For these "Gladiators", the ultimate prize for their struggle is a place among the Chosen, the immortal rulers of that vast and decadent empire.
Gavin is an unlikely warrior trying to find his place in the savagery of the arena. Sadira, a star Gladiatrix already favored by all. When happenstance brings them together, the pair set out to earn themselves a place at the Grand Championships, vying to see their names carved in the annals of history.
With survival and immortality on the line, can they hold together against the vicious realities of the fighting grounds and the machinations of the Chosen?
Monsters and magic await them.
The white sands call for blood.



Luke Daniels