Death Before Dawn | Podium Audio

Death Before Dawn

Book 3

By: Michael Katz Krefeld

Performed by: Zara Ramm

Released: September 03, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

In a city gripped by fear, a maniac who kills with surgical precision squares off against a detective known for taking no prisoners in pursuit of justice.
A shadowy figure stalks the streets of Copenhagen, preying on unsuspecting single women. Each victim becomes another macabre addition to the murderer’s twisted collection, sending shockwaves of terror through the Danish capital.
Enter Cecilie Mars, the maverick detective newly thrust into the spotlight as head of the city’s homicide division. Tasked with bringing this fiend to justice, she faces not only the relentless pressure of a fearful public but also insidious opposition from inside the ranks of the police force.
As Mars and her team race against the clock to stop the carnage, long-buried secrets emerge that threaten to destroy everything she’s worked for. Haunted by the specter of an unsolved murder from her past, she must confront her own demons while grappling with the ever-growing body count left by this remorseless killer. She’ll either shut down his reign of blood or become the latest addition to the madman’s trophy case.
A harrowing tale of suspense steeped in Scandinavian atmosphere, Death Before Dawn is the latest propulsive thriller from Denmark’s King of Crime, Michael Katz Krefeld, bestselling author of _Derailed _and Darkness Calls.
Praise for Death Before Dawn
“Krefeld in top form . . . simply terrific.” —Politiken
“A fully orchestrated Copenhagen symphony.” —Jyllands-Posten



Michael Katz Krefeld



Zara Ramm