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Death’s Favorite Warlock

Death’s Favorite Warlock

Book 1

By: Charles Dean

Performed by: Steve Campbell

Released: June 15, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 23 min

Kill. Kill them all. It’s the first four words Lars usually wakes up to every morning as the voice in his head nags him, telling him she’s just giving him a "quest" that will help him "level".
But even if he wanted to do it, he can’t. They’re cultivators; beings with ancestral bloodlines that have powers he could only dream of and that may as well be gods while he is stuck as a puny human. Even if he could kill them, the people who bullied him, beat him, treated him like a punch-bag pariah for being the "tailless worthless human" that he was to them, he wouldn’t. It just wasn’t in Lars’s nature. 
That is, until a vicious group of murderous psychopaths called a "sect" descend on his village. The vicious group brutally kills everyone he’s known his entire life, taking a select few with them as slaves. Lars must now trust he isn’t going insane and find a way to complete the voice’s quests and level up, so that he can save his mother from her cruel and heartless captors. 
Death’s Favorite Warlock is a cultivation themed LitRPG adventure series.



Charles Dean



Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell is a Canadian Narrator, versed in British and American accents, who has recorded over 135 titles, totaling over a thousand finished hours of audiobooks, equal to 10,000,000 words. He won the Independent Audiobook Award in 2019 for YA (Watcher by AJ Eversley - co-narrated with Chelsea Stephens). Steve has also been interviewed for an article in the Wall Street Journal and has been on multiple podcasts and is a member of SAG-AFTRA. Steve is happily married to his high school sweetheart and they have two sons together. He’s a huge fan of movies and comics, and didn’t discover his love for reading until he was 20 and hasn’t looked back.