Deliverance | Podium Audio

Forgotten Colony


Book 1

By: M.R. Forbes

Performed by: Jeffrey Kafer

Released: February 26, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 36 min

The war is over. Earth is lost. Running is the only option. And it may already be too late.
Caleb is a former Marine Raider and commander of the Vultures, a search and rescue team that’s spent the last two years pulling high-value targets out of alien-ravaged cities and shipping them off-world.
When his new orders call for him to join 40,000 survivors aboard the last starship out, he thinks his days of fighting are over. The _Deliverance _represents a fresh start and a chance to leave the war behind for good.
Except the war won’t be as easy to escape as he thought.
And the colony will need a man like Caleb more than he ever imagined.
Enter the universe of the Forgotten with Deliverance, the first book in the Forgotten Colony series. If you’re a fan of AliensBattlestar GalacticaStarship TroopersEnder’s Game, or Edge of Tomorrow, you’ll love this epic military sci-fi thriller.



M.R. Forbes

M.R. Forbes is the author of a growing number of science-fiction series including Rebellion, War Eternal, Chaos of the Covenant, Stars End, and the Forgotten Universe novels. Having spent his childhood trying to read every sci-fi novel he could find (and write his own too), play every sci-fi video game he could get his hands on, and see every sci-fi movie that made it into the theater, he has a true love of the genre across every medium. He works hard to bring that same energy to his own stories, with a continuing goal to entertain, delight, fascinate, and surprise. He maintains a true appreciation for his readers and is always happy to hear from them.



Jeffrey Kafer