Den of Blades and Briars | Podium Audio

The Broken Kingdoms

Den of Blades and Briars

Book 7

By: LJ Andrews

Released: May 23, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 38 min

She’s bound to serve her enemy for a hundred years. Now, she’s at risk of killing the man…or falling for him.
After she lands on the losing side of a war, Saga is sentenced to serve Ari Sekundär, the man she despises.
But when Ari is blamed for a tragic assassination, Saga is forced on the run with her reluctant master, and they must work together to survive. Soon hate feels more like passion, and disgust more like desire.
What Ari doesn’t know is that falling in love with the enemy will have deadly consequences. But how can Saga tell him? If he gives his heart to her, it will unlock a hidden secret that can destroy the kingdom…and end her life.
Den of Blades and Briars is the tale of _The Swan Princess _reimagined. This compelling new adult fantasy continues the bestselling world of the Broken Kingdoms as the first book in the Southern Kingdom. Welcome to a world filled with fae, Vikings, and spicy romance. This book has mature content that may not be suitable for all listeners.



LJ Andrews

LJ Andrews is a USA Today Bestselling author of fantasy romance. She could live in dark worlds with brutal romantic heroes all day. When she isn't writing she's keeping her four kids alive, spending time with her hot husband, or enjoying the mountains of Utah.