Derailed | Podium Audio


By: Dominique Thomas

Performed by: Mari

Released: March 16, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 42 min

To whomever much is given, much will be required.
For Jaylah, the scripture couldn’t be more true. Reporting the news is what she does. All she’s ever wanted was to be the next Oprah; a dignified Black woman who pushes against every stereotype of what America labels a Black women to be.
Due to a traumatic past, she’s turned her back on her race. She mingles with a few Black women, but Black men are just no good to her. So, when she’s propositioned by her boss to infiltrate a prominent Black family in the city of Detroit, she jumps at the opportunity. The family is in the media because of a high-profile case, and Jaylah wants nothing more than to expose the family for how corrupt they are…and level up in her career even more. Her path to greatness is so close she can taste it.
But everything changes when she meets Oshun David Lacoste.
Jaylah finds herself at a crossroads in life. The pain she thought she’d forgotten resurfaces. The mask that she’s been wearing for years starts to slip, and she’s vexed about what to do. When she derails from her scheme to take down the Lacoste family, Jaylah will be left with one weighty decision that will change her life forever. Making the wrong one isn’t an option for her.



Dominique Thomas

Born and raised in Michigan, Dominique Thomas has always had a love for writing. She still resides in Michigan with her beautiful family and always looking to connect with new readers.