Desolation Ridge | Podium Audio

Maggie Blackthorne

Desolation Ridge

Book 3

By: LaVonne Griffin-Valade

Performed by: Allyson Ryan

Released: July 12, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 47 min

When a small town in the Pacific Northwest is rocked by a shocking murder, Maggie Blackthorne hunts a killer still lurking in the surrounding forest.
After a state trooper is killed under mysterious circumstances, Oregon State Police sergeant Maggie Blackthorne is assigned to the case. The investigation takes her to Desolation Ridge in the Umatilla National Forest, where the suspect is reported to be hiding out with a possible hostage.
It’s late fall. Daylight is scarce, and there is a fierce chill in the air. To make matters worse, a deadly cougar has been spotted nearby.
But as Maggie and her partner Hollis trudge on, uncovering clues and dealing with their own tense past, one thing is clear:
Somewhere amongst these towering pines, a murderer is watching them.



LaVonne Griffin-Valade

LaVonne Griffin-Valade lives in Portland, Oregon and works as a full time writer. Dead Point, the first book in the Maggie Blackthorne Series, is her debut novel.



Allyson Ryan

**_Allyson Ryan is a native New Yorker who has recorded close to 300 audiobooks. She narrates all genres. Her recent greatest hits are the thrillers, [The Husbands]( by Chandler Baker, [Blood Sugar](, by Sascha Rothschild, [The Dinner Guests ]( Kiersten Modglin and the [Maggie Blackthorne series]( by Lavonne Griffin-Valade. She is also the narrator of the best-selling [Fleishman is in Trouble](, now an FX series airing on Hulu in November. She is the recipient of[ two Earphones Awards from Audiofile Magazine,]( and a SOVAS nominee for non-fiction. She lives in LA with her husband, a rambunctious and hilarious daughter, and a sweet dog named Ollie._**