Devils to Me | Podium Audio

By: C.R. Daems

Performed by: Emily Woo Zeller

Released: August 11, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 23 min

"Devils to me," a siren call that would bring every Tasmanian running to answer no matter what they were doing.
Repeated over and over by those answering the call, it would empty bars or a base or a city of Tasmanians, because no member of the elite unit would desert a brother in trouble, reinforcing their unofficial motto, Et Anima Una, Of One Mind.
Jolie is the only female in the elite all male Tasmanian special forces group and loving every crazy minute of it; well, except for being made a squad leader. A duty no Tasmanian would want since it means having to make life and death decisions that impact their brothers’ lives.
But Jolie’s true father’s emphasis on Ready, in Ready, Aim, Fire, has proved beneficial on each of her previous assignments, earning her the call sign Fox and giving her a unique latitude on her assignments – a squad leader with no orders or direction. Because, while Jolie can be unpredictable, she never disappoints and always has her squad in the thick of the action.
As one Tasmanian commander commented, "that exemplifies Et Anima Una like nothing else could. Jolie walks off to only the space gods know with no orders or direction, and we think it’s normal."



C.R. Daems



Emily Woo Zeller

Named a “Golden Voice” and with over 500 audiobook credits, Emily Woo Zeller has been awarded several “Best Voice” of the year distinctions, an Audie, Best Female Narrator, SOVAS awards, and over two dozen Earphones Awards. She is Dr. Aphra in the Star Wars audio drama and recent video games include Cyberpunk 2077 as Panam and The Last of Us Part 2. She has also dubbed for dozens of anime series. She is a mixed-race, queer Chinese-American raised in LA and graduate of UC Berkeley who lives in Hawaii.