Dire: Hell | Podium Audio

The Dire Saga

Dire: Hell

Book 6

By: Andrew Seiple

Performed by: Amy McFadden

Realeased: March 26, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 28 min

Hell. The final destination for many a villain.

Brought to this infernal realm by villainous shenanigans, Doctor Dire still lives, and fights to free herself and her companions from eternal torment. But the odds are long, and she must struggle to glean resources, recruit Damned souls, and fend off demons and fallen angels. It’s a one-way trip down, to find the center of Hell and pass out and back to Creation. But Hell’s master may have other plans for Dire.

But she is Dire, and none shall stand in her way! It’s fallen angels versus ascending supervillain, in a clash that shall change Hell for all eternity!



Andrew Seiple

Andrew Seiple has been a voracious reader, roleplayer, gamer, and library enthusiast for years, and is finally getting serious about writing. After a torrid, decades-long love affair with science fiction and fantasy, he's found a true joy in writing books about super heroes and villains, and far stranger things.



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