Dirty Money | Podium Audio

Arielle Lucila

Dirty Money

Book 3

By: Andre Gonzalez

Performed by: Cynthia Farrell

Released: June 20, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 25 min

Money. Murder. Time Travel.
A distraught mother takes the lives of her two children. And then her own. Suspicious activity lurks within a Seattle-based tech company where a money-hungry CEO rules the company with an iron fist. An allegedly innocent man sits behind bars.
Enter Arielle Lucila and her team of Angels. Their mission? Travel back to 2014 and free the innocent man.
But first, Arielle must find the link between the murders and the rogue company by posing as an employee. Getting closer to the CEO presents obstacles at every turn. The Angels are forced to adapt.
The deeper they penetrate, the deadlier the secrets they uncover. Ones that can cost their lives. Outmatched by cunning criminals, Arielle and her team must take lethal risks if they hope to escape alive.
The books in the Arielle Lucila series can be enjoyed in any order.



Andre Gonzalez

Andre Gonzalez is the author of all things thriller and horror. He has penned the Wealth of Time series and the Insanity trilogy. You’ll likely find him buried under a long to-do list or his three young (and energetic) children.



Cynthia Farrell