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The Men

Discovering Mr. X

Book 2

By: Elle Nicoll

Released: January 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 27 min

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never sold their worn stockings.
Selling every pair to an anonymous buyer whilst working as a long-haul flight attendant means my lifelong dream is in reach.
A home to call my own.
It’s so close I can almost feel that front door key in my hand.
Until a giant ego in an overpriced suit steals that dream.
He’s smug, cocky, infuriating…everything I hate.
I do what I must: I declare war.
But no one ever truly wins on the battlefield. There will be casualties. He believes he has me. I think I know him. We are both wrong.
It soon becomes clear that discovering who we are to each other isn’t as straightforward as X marks the spot.
This is a standalone steamy romance, which is part of an interconnecting series (The Men Series). It is intended for mature listeners.



Elle Nicoll

ABOUT ME I’m a mum of two from the UK, and I worked for many years as long haul cabin crew for an airline.   Each story I'm currently writing (and the future ones to come) have had my soul poured into them.  ​  Just like we are all different, my characters will be too.   I hope they will feel real. Flawed, insecure, broken maybe. But also warm, considerate and loyal. Any elements that you think of when you consider the people you know.   Because no one is perfect   One thing every book will have though—love. However they get there, whatever the journey to it looks like, there will always be love.   That I promise.   Because... Love Always Wins xxx