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Dragon Assassin

Dragon Assassin: Volume 4

Book 4

By: Arthur Slade

Performed by: Clare Corbett

Released: July 27, 2021

Language: English

Format: Publisher's Pack

Duration: 09 hr, 37 min

An ancient enemy rises from the seas….

Brax and Carmen are exploring the ocean when they come across the dead body of a dragon on an island. He was an outcast, living far away from Drachia, and he was only recently killed. It turns out that the old enemy – one that the dragons believed were all destroyed – have returned. And they want revenge, one dead dragon at a time.

The only way to defeat the mightiest of giants is to face him on his home turf. It is a land like nothing Carmen has ever seen. On a royal mission, Carmen travels to the land of giants, a fabled country that no mortal has visited for thousands of years…and lived to tell the tale. It will be a challenge unlike any other. It’s a good thing she has Thord on her side and one more ally she never dreamed she’d see again.

Includes the next two episodes in the Dragon Assassin series: Old Enemies and Downfall.



Arthur Slade

Arthur Slade was raised on a ranch in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan. He is the author of over twenty-five novels for young readers including Mission Clockwork, which won the prestigious TD Canadian Children?s Literature Award and Dust, winner of the Governor General?s Award for Children?s Literature. He also penned the popular Dragon Assassin series. He lives in Saskatoon, Canada.



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