Dragon Prince | Podium Audio

The Bride Hunt

Dragon Prince

Book 6

By: Charlene Hartnady

Performed by: Stella Bloom, Troy Duran

Released: January 17, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 29 min

Tide goes into town for a bit of fun: he can’t wait to get his hands on a human female.
Even though his evening doesn’t pan out as expected, a bit of fun is exactly what he gets. He is shocked when the same female turns up on dragon territory as their new healer. Tide does not believe in coincidence. Who is she really and why is she here?
Doctor Meghan Roberts can’t believe it when she lands the job of a lifetime. Imagine her surprise when she ends up accused of stalking the shifter she spent the night with some months ago. The arrogant a-hole seems to think that she would stoop so low as to go through his phone and wallet for information to have orchestrated this whole thing. It’s a great pity he’s assigned to protect her during her stay on dragon territory. Tide is going to be her very annoying shadow for the foreseeable future. What’s worse is that’s she’s still attracted to him.
Tide is comfortable taking the assignment to keep an eye on the new healer. He’s still not completely convinced this whole thing was a coincidence. Her job is to find a cure for their silver affliction. Something essential to the continuation of the dragon species. Something he, therefore, takes seriously. The little healer might be attractive, but he never ruts the same female twice. What could go wrong?
_Dragon Prince _is the final installment of The Bride Hunt series, but it can be listened to as a standalone. It contains strong sexual themes and language, and is cliffhanger-free with a guaranteed HEA.



Charlene Hartnady



Stella Bloom



Troy Duran

Troy was made for loving you, baby. But his wife frowns on that, so he sticks to audiobooks, of which he’s recorded over 360 to date. You may have gathered by now that Troy is writing his own bio in third person. Why? Ego, maybe. Compensating, I don’t know. It IS a bit annoying if we’re being honest, but what are you gonna do? Anywhoo… If somebody were to narrate MY life’s story, I’d like it to be the guy from Forensics Files but with what I leave behind we’d have to settle for the guy who played the bait shop cashier in Ozark, and that’s cool too. Also, I like whiskey.