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Dungeon Item Shop

Dungeon Item Shop: Volume 2

Book 2

Performed by: Andrea Emmes

Released: May 03, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 18 hr, 2 min

[I was reborn too weak to become an adventurer, so I opened an item shop by the dungeon instead!] [Book 2]
After the chaotic events of the night of the witches’ moon in the north, the witch Fresh and her friends are forced to escape from the fervently zealous and corrupt city with the Holy-Church nipping at their heels. They make their way through the great wild-lands, moving towards the distant western city, the city in the mountain, high in the peaks—one of the world’s last remaining natural high-magic zones.
Surrounded by the casters and sorcerers of all kinds who dominate the frigid city, hewn into the lofty peaks and powered by obscure magical technology, Fresh, Jubilee, Basil, and Shamrock must work to reestablish the Dungeon Item Shop in a fully new environment with an entirely new clientèle, base of resources, and challenges brought to them by their dire situation.
A new dungeon, a new city, and a new shop all come together to create a unique challenge that the unlikely friends must face as the world around them begins to slowly churn into motion, working to grind them down. However, everything is not as peaceful and serene as it seems in the distant heights, far above the troubles of yesterday, as is evidenced by the generational rebirth of a dying species in the world—fairies, who now only live in the mountain region and are entirely unable to leave it, as it is the only place left where they can be sustained.
The dying species, much like Fresh and her friends, find themselves wildly out of place in the hard city of rock that they’re forced to live in and are slowly ground down to their cores.
Is there any warmth left to be found and kept for any of them at all within the illusions of the comfortable, fire-hearthed homes of the mountain’s underground, or are they all destined to be hardened down into cruel coldness by the heartless game of survival that they’re all forced to play against one another?
Find out in this wholesome, dark fantasy adventure written by renowned and trending author D.M. Rhodes!



Andrea Emmes

**Best Selling, Award Winning Audiobook Narrator and VO Actor, **Andrea Emmes was born in Hollywood, Florida, grew up in both Tennessee and Rhode Island and started her career in musical theatre. She’s enjoyed an eclectic career as a singer, dancer, Vegas Headliner, Magician’s Assistant, a Recording Artist and a Video Game Designer. A total book nerd, Andrea, now enjoys narrating all genres of audiobooks, especially YA, Middle Grade/Kids, Geeky/Comics, LitRPG, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, and NonFiction at her professional home studio in CA. Her **_wide range of character voices and dynamic/emotionally invested performances_**_ _has reviewers and listeners alike commenting on how **_she effortlessly pulls listeners in and has versatility and charisma. _**