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Dungeon Man Sam

Dungeon Man Sam and the Lich King’s Regret

Book 2

By: J.W. Benjamin

Performed by: Chris Ciulla

Released: May 23, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 20 hr, 39 min

Dungeon Man Sam has built his dungeon. Now he must defend it. It will not be easy.
Far away in his palace at Phyrexes, a lich king returns to life with murder on his mind. His target? Samuel James Tolliver and anyone close to him. His method? Power to rival the gods, legions of undead warriors, and half a century’s worth of wicked cunning and skill.
Elsewhere the keepers of the System have taken notice of him and watch patiently with knives sharpened. Beyond them, an unknown power awakens and takes deadly offense at Sam’s very existence.
Atop a hillside, a specter from the past watches and waits, preparing to shatter an old friend’s heart into a thousand pieces. Again.
Now Sam must fight for his survival and for those he loves against gods and devils alike. And, if he has time, he might just solve the mysteries of the universe and discover the meaning of life itself.
Yes, really.
For Dungeon Man Sam, the only easy day was yesterday. Tomorrow comes the storm.
Dungeon Man Sam is a character-focused base-building-and-defending litRPG featuring a heavy emphasis on character and story, fast-paced action, and a hearty dollop of humor thrown in for good measure.



J.W. Benjamin

J. W. Benjamin ("Ben" to his friends, enemies, and that one talking dog down the street) is slightly older than the Internet and slightly younger than petroleum. He has been writing since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, and has recently decided to inflict-I-mean Share his work with the rest of the world. He currently lives in Hawaii with his long-suffering cat, who just can’t understand why Ben can’t just ignore his responsibilities and spend all day playing with him instead.



Chris Ciulla