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The Gam3

Earth’s Gambit

Book 2

By: Cosimo Yap

Performed by: Nick Podehl

Released: November 07, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 41 min

The Earth has changed. War is now fought in an alien virtual reality — the Game — where many of the players are anything but human.

Now part of the Black Rose guild, Alan heads to the Academy to level up and get stronger. He hopes to make allies and learn skills to win the battles to come. But with everyone pursuing their own agendas, what can one gamer do in a universe he still doesn’t fully understand?



Nick Podehl

By day, Nick Podehl gives voice to a multitude of characters that heretofore only existed on the page. By night he balances time as husband, dad, and amateur armchair general. His castle stands proudly in The Mitten State where he hopes for snow each and every day.



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Earth's Gambit

The Gam3, Book 2