Ebon Queen | Podium Audio

Daughter of Shadow

Ebon Queen

Book 3

By: LJ Swallow

Released: May 07, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 23 min

Can Calla outrun the Ebon Queen’s forces and ensure the dragon flights are reborn?
The first-born dragons died over a hundred years ago, and their rebirth is the last hope in the realm’s battle against the Ebon Queen. Only Calla’s dragon soul can spark their life.
As fugitives, Calla and her men struggle to find people who can aid them on their journey to the dragon city. A visit to an elven court to request aid from Galen’s friend creates unexpected consequences and adds urgency to their travels. Running out of options, the party is forced to enter Devin’s unsavory world of assassins and thieves to seek help from an unusual source.
The new party member’s fierce protectiveness of Calla causes problems as the men struggle to trust the man and his motives—especially Rohan. Can the group put aside their differences and unite to protect Calla?
The Ebon Queen’s darkness continues to spread throughout the lands as she searches for her Daughter of Shadow. The group carries a new weapon in the battle against her creeping death and decay, but will unleashing the dragons help defeat the Queen? Or will the first-born herald a new problem for the human realm?
Ebon Queen_ is the third book in the Daughter of Shadow why-choose romantic fantasy series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow. If you enjoy slow-burn, action-packed, sword-and-sorcery fantasy romance books, you’ll love this series with irresistible elves, a fierce warrior, a sexy Lord, a strong magical heroine, and a pet dragon with a secret._



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