Ecstatic | Podium Audio


Book 5

By: T.S. Snow

Performed by: Aletha George, Tristan James

Released: March 29, 2022

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 20 min

Be a Magical Engineer, they say
It’ll be fun, they say.

Yeah…not so much.

From the minute I graduated, my life was turned upside down.
And things only got worse when I helped AMIA in their efforts to take down the resistance.

Now Logan, Theo, and I are at the rebel’s mercy.
They want us dead, but we’re determined to see another day.

All we have to do is find a way out of this hole, fight a bazillion rebels,
And save the day, so I can go back to my men.
No big deal, right?

If we live through this, and I get to see my men again, I’ll be Ecstatic.
And if I take down my psycho cousin while we’re at it, that’s even better.

Note: Ecstatic is book five of the Arcane Mage series. This book is a slow-build reverse-harem romance intended for adult audiences. No opossums were taken out of their mailbox in the makings of this book.



T.S. Snow

A scientist at heart, T.S. Snow lives in a land far far away, secluded from most authors and readers (rumor has it that if you open your wardrobe you can find her hiding in there trying to take a nap). T.S. has a thirst for learning new languages, even if she is mostly worried about finding out new curse words in them. She has an amazing support system that include a loving boyfriend, her family, friends and her loyal - if completely lazy - dog. When she's not writing, T.S. can often be found causing complete chaos with her friends on social media, inhaling unhealthy amounts of coffee, or napping. Mostly napping.



Aletha George