Eight | Podium Audio



Book 1

By: Samer Rabadi

Performed by: Gary Tiedemann

Released: August 30, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 29 min

Life’s tough when you’re trapped in an eight-year-old body on another world. 
His name is Eight. Not really, but that’s what the System decided after a slip of the tongue. One moment, he was stepping out the office door on the way home, and the next waking up on a hillside below a town wall. Oh, and the gate guard drove him off, because he thought Eight was a monster. 
What’s a boy to do in a world full of magic and so many, many hungry creatures searching for their next meal? Well, there’s an old man inside that body, and he’ll use everything he’s learned in his sixty-four years to survive. Starting a fire? Sure. Crafting a spear? Check. Defending the cave he calls home? Also check, a big one. 
There are allies too, but not the kind you’d expect. 
Eight is a LitRPG novel of magical survival—of discovery, bushcraft, and creatures weird and wonderful. A hit on Royal Road–with millions of views–and now it’s available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible (narrated by the estimable Gary Tiedemann). 



Samer Rabadi



Gary Tiedemann

_Gary Tiedemann is a bilingual, Cuban-American audiobook narrator who learned how to act on the theatre, improv, and sketch-comedy stages of Chicago. He has voiced over 225 audiobook titles since 2014. In addition to making USA Today and New York Times Best Sellers' lists, Gary's audiobook narrations have been recognized with multiple Earphones Awards, a "Best Audiobooks of 2020" Award from Audiofile Magazine, and an Audie Award from the Audio Publishers' Association in 2022. He grew up in Los Angeles and Naples, Florida and is a graduate of Tulane University. For more information about Gary, please visit [www.garytiedemann.com](http://www.garytiedemann.com/)_