Eleventh Cycle | Podium Audio


Eleventh Cycle

Book 1

By: Kian N. Ardalan

Released: February 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 25 hr, 33 min

It has been a thousand years since the last Seed abandoned their duty. The mists are closing in. Finally, the Morning Bell tolls. A new Seed is born, but is it too late?
The rot eats away at mortals. The Witnesses pray so that they may not turn into one of the forgotten. And the constricting mists infect the lands with fear.
But there is more to this tale than just the Elders and their Seeds. Four mortals will have a part to play in Minethria’s fate.
A farmer girl with only love in her eyes.
A warrior born to the life of a refugee.
A highborn stuck between the realm of gods and men.
And a woman running into front lines and away from home.
Will the cycle finally be completed? Or will the mist swallow all? A seed is born and the evil is slain, so doth another cycle commence. Yet the last Seed born hath turned traitor, and the mists which had been pushed back, returneth.



Kian N. Ardalan

Born in Germany, raised in Dubai, and being the child of Iranian parents, Kian N. Ardalan grew up with no place to truly call home except for the boundless realm of his own imagination. Now living in Austria, Vienna, he is on the cusp of finishing his bachelors in sociology and continues to work daily to make sure that the very same fantasy worlds his teachers urged him not to delve so much time in, now becomes his very driving force in life.