Emergence | Podium Audio



Book 3

By: D. Ward Cornell

Performed by: Garrett Michael Brown

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 18 hr, 18 min

Mysterious emanations originating in the Intergalactic void… Suspicious deaths near the galactic rim… An Armada recalled… Another goes missing…
While the Confederations Central Council and High Command face the consequences of the inspector’s treachery, Michael and his team continue to raise Earth’s profile among its neighbors. A trade deal is started. Numerous new Transluminide claims are filed. The Space Force fleet grows.
When disaster strikes, can Earth rise to save the Confederation?
The Ascendancy Saga continues! Buckle your seat belt and get ready for the ride!



D. Ward Cornell

D. Ward Cornell lives on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. His work as an engineer, consultant and entrepreneur has taken him all over the world. Many of those places are featured in his writings. Although still dabbling in those fields, his passion now is bringing stories to life.



Garrett Michael Brown