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Survivalist Series

Engineering Home

Book 11

By: A. American

Performed by: Duke Fontaine

Released: June 21, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 36 min

It’s been over a year since The Day.

Morgan and his companions have fought to stay alive and he finally managed to get to his parents and bring them back. Their situation is getting better every day, but there are still challenges ahead of them.

With a desire to return to a normal life on everyone’s mind, the group starts taking steps to do just that. Thinking bigger they tackle some major projects that will provide valuable resources. However, there are others out there making plans for them as well.

While these new plans will provide them with a lot of supplies and the ability to be resupplied on a regular schedule, it also comes with oversight; something Sarge and Morgan are not going to like. But the benefits far outweigh the problems…or do they?

They still face many challenges – like Fred’s pregnancy – that are still potential disasters. There is little room for error in their world. But hard work, determination, and the bond that holds the group together have enabled them to make it this far. But will it be enough?



A. American

Chris has been in the survival and preparedness world since 1990. His vast skill set and diverse life experience gives his writing a real life feel.



Duke Fontaine