Ensnared by the Alien Lord | Podium Audio

Lords of Destra

Ensnared by the Alien Lord

Book 6

By: Ella Blake

Released: March 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 15 min

I go out on a hunting expedition and what do I return with? An alien female. I’d toss her out, but…she’s absurdly appealing to me. The longer I allow her to live on my ship, the less I want to kill her. With a looming showdown against our enemy to prepare for, the last thing I need is a female distracting me, but I cannot stay away and I would kill to protect her.
I’m stranded on this planet and captured by aliens who are battling against enemies that want to kill them for some healing liquid their living ship produces. How did I go from living a quiet life as a medical doctor to this? To top it off, the leader of my captors is a red-eyed, dagger-wielding male with a smirk that makes my knees weak and a kiss that sets me on fire. Is he my enemy or the best thing to ever strut into my life?
When a terrible attack calls my medical skills into use, Scaron and I must work together to save the lives of his people and defend against an enemy that shocks me to my core. Humans know this planet better than I thought and it will take a united front of allies—who I thought were dead—to escape with our lives.
Ensnared by the Alien Lord is book six in the Lords of Destra series. Each is a complete story with no cliffhangers, nor cheating, and guaranteed consent and happy endings.



Ella Blake

Ella Blake loves sci-fi adventure and romance, so it's little wonder why she writes books about gorgeous alien hunks looking for love! Ella lives with her family, a mountain of books, and too many dogs in the Maine woods.