Ensorcelled | Podium Audio

Prince of the Doomed City


Book 3

By: Sylvia Mercedes

Performed by: Emily Lawrence

Released: August 30, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 15 min

To win her freedom, one woman must survive ten years serving in the Doomed City Library…
Life has only become more complicated for Clara following the Prince’s shocking sickbed revelations. With the ranks of the Vespre Librarians sadly reduced, the survivors are more hard pressed than ever to keep the deadly Noswraiths at bay. As the Prince’s search for new recruits comes up cold, everyone is stretched to the limits of their strength.
Then a face from Clara’s past shows up in the library: Danny, her childhood sweetheart. He’s determined to break her Obligation once and for all and bring her safely home. But the road he must travel to win Clara’s freedom is far more dangerous than he could ever anticipate.
Can Clara save Danny from the consequences of his own rash choices? Or will they both be lost in the darkness of the Nightmare Realm?



Sylvia Mercedes

Sylvia Mercedes makes her home in the idyllic North Carolina countryside with her handsome husband, numerous small children, and the feline duo affectionately known as The Fluffy Brothers. When she’s not writing she’s . . . okay, let’s be honest. When she’s not writing, she’s running around after her littles, cleaning up glitter, trying to plan healthy-ish meals, and wondering where she left her phone. In between, she reads a steady diet of fantasy novels. But mostly she’s writing. After a short career in Traditional Publishing (under a different name), Sylvia decided to take the plunge into the Indie Publishing World and is enjoying every minute of it.



Emily Lawrence