Enter the Shroud | Podium Audio

Galactic Sentinel

Enter the Shroud

Book 2

By: Killian Carter

Performed by: Sean Runnette

Released: October 22, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 57 min

They handed Grimshaw grenades and asked him to make lemonade.
Get the North Star to the Galactic Sentinel, sign off with the Galactic Council, and return to Fleet Academy Four.
It should have been easy, but compared to the Galactic Council, Earth’s politicians are girl scouts selling Peanut Butter Patties to their grandmothers.
Widespread riots and whispers of Chimera terrorists only make matters worse, especially when the terrorists are better armed than most of Sentinel Security.
Grimshaw wants to stop the Chit invasion, but he needs the arrogant Galactic Council to help. Evans is tired of being cooped up and is dying to kill some Chits. All Taza wants is another bottle of brandy.
Instead, they’re up against forces that make the Underways crime bosses and Aphnai invaders seem like a walk in the park.
Whether they like it or not, our troublesome trio are strapped to a galactic rollercoaster stacked with powder kegs about to explode. Climb on board, keep your arms and legs attached to your torso at all times, and enjoy the ride.



Killian Carter



Sean Runnette