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Entropy’s End

Book 3

By: Chris Reher

Performed by: Will Damron

Released: July 19, 2016

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 34 min

Ships are disappearing in subspace.
Traders, rebels, pirates, and even military vessels are losing their way in the Big Nothing that makes space travel possible. Deep-cover agent Sethran Kada joins the investigation after his own navigator, Ciela, barely escapes the void with her mind intact. It soon becomes clear that this subspace trap is more than some natural phenomenon.
Seth’s search for answers leads him to a brutal penal colony on the brink of revolt, where he uncovers a plot to destroy an entire planet. When evidence points to the return of the dangerous subspace entities known as Dyads, Air Command mobilizes to annihilate the threat at any cost.
Seth and Ciela pursue a Dyad who has infiltrated a key research complex, where they discover that the inexorable subspace peril will not just threaten a single planet. It will mean the end of interstellar travel and destroy their Commonwealth civilization.



Chris Reher

Chris Reher is a Canadian science fiction author with a penchant for Space Opera and interspecies hanky-panky. Her works include The Targon Tales, encompassing two separate series set in the same universe. She has also been featured in collaborative anthologies and short story collections. Her newest project, Outbounders, follows a team of deep space explorers in search of a new home for humanity.



Will Damron