Errol Morris' American Dharma | Podium Audio

Errol Morris’ American Dharma

By: Errol Morris

Performed by: André Sogliuzzo

Released: May 24, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 01 hr, 18 min

Now adapted for an immersive audio experience exclusive to Audible, American Dharma is the third installment in Academy Awardwinning documentary torchbearer Errol Morris’ trilogy of documentaries probing polarizing political figures. 

In American Dharma, Morris interviews controversial Donald Trump political strategist Steve Bannon to try and make sense of the man and the movement. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival to a standing ovation before having its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and New York Film Festival. The subject of this New York Times Critic’s Pick continues to stay in the news, from his recent indictment for allegations of fraud, to his relentless tour stoking right wing nationalism across the globe.

Produced by Podium Audio in collaboration with Utopia and The Invisible Studios West Hollywood. Featuring voice-over narration by André Sogliuzzo.



Errol Morris



André Sogliuzzo