Everything Will Be Alright | Podium Audio

Charlotte Reynolds

Everything Will Be Alright

Book 2

By: Willow Hadley

Performed by: Heather Costa, Tim Paige

Released: August 16, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 9 min

When Charlotte moved in with her uncle earlier this summer, she never expected to become best friends with five amazing guys.
She never expected to fall in love with them either.
With school starting, Charlotte worries that everything is about to change for her all over again. The guys have their own lives and extracurricular activities outside of the bubble they’ve created during their summer break. She’s not sure how she’s going to fit in with them once they fall into their usual routines.
When the guys start flirting with her relentlessly, Charlotte becomes the victim of several rumors started by her classmates. But Charlotte won’t let anything ruin her friendships with her kindred spirits.
And maybe, just maybe, some of her new friends will help her realize that it’s okay to love more than one person.



Willow Hadley

Willow Hadley is a self-published author who primarily writes sugary sweet reverse harem romance. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, their dog, ferret, and two cats. She started writing in early 2018, and decided to pursue publishing in 2020. She loves character driven stories and fluffy books that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. She’s also obsessed with Disney movies, and her favorite candy is licorice.



Heather Costa

Heather Costa is a LA based, SAG-AFTRA narrator specializing in romance, urban fantasy, and YA, including the New York Times best selling series Crave by Tracy Wolff. Heather has narrated over 200 titles, notably the Stealth Ops series by Brittney Sahin, The Savage Martians series by Sue Mercury and Sue Lyndon and the Drixonian Warriors series by Ella Maven. 



Tim Paige

Tim Paige is an audiobook narrator of over 250 titles with a passion for rom coms, superheroes, and telling stories that provide an escape from the world (or a new lens with which to view it). A former full-time touring musician, Tim has played on some of the biggest stages in the world. He is the voice of "The More You Know" on NBC, and has provided voice-over for many national commercials, promos, trailers, and video games. When he's not narrating audiobooks or voicing fun projects, you'll most often find him playing pretend with his two sons, shouting at the television during UFC fights, or cooking up tasty vegan treats.