Explorer | Podium Audio



Book 5

By: Jez Cajiao

Released: August 13, 2024

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

There’s an entire galaxy out there, and Steve’s already started a war with some of it…
Steve and his companions have been offered a chance, the slimmest of hopes, that the UC—whatever that is—will protect the earth. That protection, offered as it is with the full knowledge that it could embroil billions in a new war? It’s never going to come cheap. The UC wants something, and it’s down to Steve to figure out how to pay that debt or survive without their sheltering hand.
The greater galaxy is a harsh place, and in the eyes of those who battle to keep the flame of freedom alive another day, anyone who would give up their freedom to gain a little security? In the galaxy’s eyes, they’d deserve neither.



Jez Cajiao