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The Dating Playbook

Exploring the Rules

Book 4

By: Mariah Dietz

Performed by: Amelia Hugh

Released: February 06, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 23 min

Chloe Robinson is determined to be more spontaneous, exciting, and fun—whatever that means.
Her resolve is put to the test when she learns her twin sister has arranged for them to return to their junior year at Brighton University with a road trip across the country with their best friend, Cooper, and the one person Chloe works to avoid at all costs: Tyler Banks.
Tyler Banks is the heir to Banks Luxury Resorts and Hotels and this year’s “star football player.” Tyler’s life and future appear as bright and endless as the universe, except his life is in a constant state of balance. Currently, his greatest balancing act is allowing Chloe to ignore him and believe he’s her enemy when she’s becoming his reason to succeed.
Two and a half weeks. Seven cities. One game of truth or dare that is about to expose everything.
_Enemies-to-lovers at its best from _USA Today bestselling author Mariah Dietz!



Mariah Dietz



Amelia Hugh