Eye of the Storm | Podium Audio

The Guild Wars

Eye of the Storm

Book 11

Performed by: Steve Campbell, Todd McLaren

Released: August 31, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 55 min

It’s hard to fight when you don’t know who’s the enemy….
The Dusman offered to let humanity become their servitors, but the leaders of Earth’s Four Horsemen were unified in their decision: No, thanks.
With the Dusman returning in strength, though, and steadily growing their influence and armed presence, humanity finds itself in a difficult place. The Guild War continues to rage, with planets becoming increasingly desperate for nonexistent help, while the Mercenary Guild continues to sit on its hands, despite Nigel Shirazi’s attempts to break the deadlock.
However, events have transpired in the galaxy which have, once again, forced humanity into the center of the storm. We have been deemed a danger, and thus a target for neutralization. But not by the Mercenary Guild this time; instead, we’re in the cross hairs of the Science Guild, as our technological innovation cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.
Deadly plots have been unleashed not only to cripple Earth but to assassinate Alexis Cromwell and her Winged Hussars, humanity’s only reliable space navy. And even if Alexis survives, that’s only the start of the Science Guild’s plan to turn Earth’s people against themselves. As the galaxy continues to splinter, there may not be any option but to take the fight to the Science Guild.
The Guild Wars aren’t over; this is only the eye of the storm.



Steve Campbell



Todd McLaren