Eye of the Wolf | Podium Audio

The Lords of Alekka

Eye of the Wolf

Book 1

By: A.E. Rayne

Performed by: Kate Reading

Released: March 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 22 hr, 0 min

A lord forsaken by the gods. A mysterious woman with many secrets. A kingdom on the brink of war….
Two thousand years after the ancient Kingdom of Alekka was torn in two, disgruntled gods are taking sides, seeking a reckoning, for order can only last so long before chaos returns to claim its rightful place. The dreamers see what is coming.
They warn of a threat greater than any other, raising fears of unimaginable death and destruction, and a winter colder than any that has come before. The king’s enemies are rising, emboldened by his waning power, spurred on by his troubles.
Though Reinar Vilander, Lord of Ottby, only sees what lies before him, which is an undermanned fort and empty coffers. His father is an invalid, his wife has gone, his sons are dead, his fort is vulnerable, and as winter approaches, he doesn’t know what to do. For he has run out of luck. And without the luck of the gods, no lord can hope to rule for long. 
And a desperate man tends to make bad choices…very bad choices, which is bad news for Alys de Sant, whose life will forever be changed on the fateful day they meet.
_Eye of the Wolf _is the first book in The Lords of Alekka, a thrilling new fantasy series set in the world of The Furyck Saga. Enter a kingdom in turmoil, where mysterious dreamers weave dark magic around vengeful lords, and those fated to rise are forced out of the shadows as the battle to claim the throne begins.



A.E. Rayne



Kate Reading