Falling for the Rookie | Podium Audio

By: Carina Rose

Released: April 25, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 35 min

People rarely catch me off guard.
I’m Collin St. James, after all: starting wide receiver for the Virginia Thunder. Playing football has kept me on my toes, but nothing could have prepared me to mentor our newest teammate, kicker Charlie Nicholson.
I wasn’t caught off guard because I had to take someone under my wing or because Charlie was easily banging sixty-yard kicks through the uprights. It happened when the rookie’s silver helmet came off, and long blonde hair spilled out. Completely baffled, I edged closer and took in the prettiest blue eyes I’d ever seen.
Charlie wasn’t only a complete knockout, she was also my younger sister’s closest friend. When she smiled at me, I knew right then and there I was in serious trouble.
The last thing I needed was a distraction, but thanks to my gorgeous new teammate—and, to my surprise, my roommate—that was exactly what I got.



Carina Rose

Carina Rose loves everything about romance and believes in true love. She attributes a lot of that to her very Italian upbringing. She can always be found with a notebook and a pen just in case a book idea comes to mind - which can sometimes happen in the oddest of places. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and sons. When not writing, Carina enjoys hanging out with friends, watching sports, traveling, cooking, baking, playing golf, and relaxing on a beach. She has a slight addiction to coffee and spends her "lunch hour" watching her favorite soap opera. Through her writing, she has met wonderful people. And she loves connecting and chatting with fellow authors and readers.