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Fates Parallel

Fates Parallel: Vol. 3

Book 3

By: DarkTechnomancer

Performed by: Cindy Kay

Released: October 25, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 25 hr, 0 min

Two become as one.
With Yan Yue and the Awakening Dragon sect’s plots thwarted for now, Lee Jia and An Eui can finally find some time to relax. After some rest and recuperation, they are ready to return to their training just in time for an upcoming tournament, but not all is well. Old enemies are out for revenge, new ones are lurking in the shadows, and their personal problems are becoming increasingly hard to ignore. The girls will have to work harder than ever to come out on top, and discover what it truly means to share a Path.
Jia and Eui’s adventures continue in this progression fantasy about friendship, self-discovery, personal growth, and of course magical martial arts!




I'm an author with eclectic tastes. My driving goal as an author is to use my stories as a way to explore interesting or unusual topics, and I'll write in whatever genre lets me do that.



Cindy Kay