Fear the Reapers | Podium Audio

Lovesick Villains

Fear the Reapers

Book 1

By: Jessa Halliwell

Released: August 08, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 19 min

My mother trained me to be numb.
To keep my volatile emotions carefully locked away.
But when my drug-addicted stepfather decides to clear his debt by offering my sister to the Ruthless Mafia Men that run our city, I have no choice but to react.
Keeping her safe is the only thing I’ve ever been good at. And, unlike her, I’ve already been scarred by the cruelties of our world.
So I did the only thing I could do, the only thing that would ensure that they’d never go looking for her. I offered myself to big bad wolves instead.
I expected the Reapers to be cruel, to push me beyond my limits, and test me at every turn.
What I didn’t expect was to like it.
Atlas, their powerful leader, knows I don’t belong in their world, but he’s too caught up in protecting his own secrets to save me. I can see the regret in his eyes every time he looks at me.
Ezra, the overly affectionate psycho, looks at me like he wants to eat me—or kill me. Honestly, it’s probably a mix of both. And the scariest thing about him is that he doesn’t really scare me at all.
Cyrus, the Ducati-riding bad boy, is tempting as hell, and he knows it. I refuse to give into his charm, even if he has treated me better than anyone ever has before.
Tristan, the grumpy and silent one, might actually hate me. But I don’t blame him. Out of everyone, he’s the only one who can see how messed up I really am at my core.
The men who accepted me as payment for a debt are toying with my head and my heart, but no matter what happens next, there’s no turning back.
I dug my grave with the Reapers of Caspian Hills, and now it’s time to lie in it. 
Fear The Reapers is book one in Lovesick Villains, a dark mafia series where our heroine will end up with multiple love interests. This book ends on a mild cliffhanger, and their story will end with a HEA in book three.
Intended for mature listeners.



Jessa Halliwell

Jessa Halliwell is a romance author who writes about dark, angsty love that's a little tragic, but utterly consuming. She loves writing romance only slightly more than she loves reading it, though the way she reads books is total chaos. She'll either binge read a book in one sitting or stop reading mid-page for no justifiable reason.  Jessa lives in Northern California and spends most of her time-off hanging out with her boyfriend and taking her senior, yet still super feisty Chihuahua, Juice, on walks.  When she isn't pouring her heart out into her writing, you can find her obsessing over her skincare routine, drinking an unhealthy amount of Milk Tea, and probably trying to convince her boyfriend that a "Why Choose" could totally work for them.